Woman Arrested for Stealing Machine Gun from Shooting Range Using Dead Woman’s ID

A woman who stole a machine gun from a shooting range in Converse, Texas has been arrested, according to an arrest affidavit.[0] The woman, identified as Amber Nicole Herring, rented a handgun to use on the firing range before renting a Heckler Koch Fully Automatic 9mm MP5 submachine gun.[1] Instead of walking back to the range, she walked out of the store with the gun and into a white Ford Ranger, which drove off.[2] The store owner revealed that the thief used a dead woman’s ID to rent the gun.[2] Herring was taken into custody by Bexar County deputies and charged with possession of a prohibited firearm/machine gun and theft of a firearm.[3] The machine gun has not yet been found.[4]

According to an email sent to customers of LoneStar Handgun Shooting Range in Converse, Herring used the driver's license of a person who was killed in a car fire in December 2022. The store shared footage capturing the suspect's tattooed right chest adorned with letters, as well as multiple tattoos on her arm and hand.[4] Herring was positively identified by the employee who had rented the guns to the suspect, through a photo lineup.[4]

“We have policies in place to prevent theft to include trigger locks on rentals, valid ID kept during the rental and credit card use for the transaction.[5] The employee that rented her the firearms did not follow company policy and accepted cash for the rental,” Felker said in the email.[6] The Bexar County Sheriff's Office verified that the lady utilized a fraudulent license, but did not specify if it was linked to an individual who died in a car blaze.[0] In addition, the woman gave a phony phone number and email address.[0]

A combined bond of $30,000 is keeping Herring in custody at the Bexar County Jail.[5] At approximately 2 p.m. on May 5, a theft took place at LoneStar Handgun situated on Amendment Way in Converse.[4] Despite the theft, the business owner reassured customers that they have policies in place to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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