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Elon Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Shapes the 2024 Presidential Race, Empowering Conservatives and Raising Concerns about Free Speech and Hate Speech

Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter has led to a significant shift in the platform's dynamics, with the billionaire entrepreneur giving a boost to conservative voices and enabling them to bypass traditional media. This has caught the attention of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his aides, who are eyeing the platform as a friendly space for conservative firebrands to speak directly to their audience and gain more authoritative voices. Musk's control of the Twitter fire hose of information has given him the power to drive attention to politicians he favors, and he has already given free promotion to DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, and other conservatives he is partnering with on Twitter. However, Musk's new approach to content moderation has also allowed neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hateful accounts back onto the platform, leading to backlash from some users.[0] Despite this, conservative accounts have embraced Musk's new hate speech policies, paying their way into being verified under his new check mark system, which allows their content to show up higher in replies and comments.[0] Musk has also repeatedly broken his promises to allow speech he disagrees with onto the platform by temporarily banning journalists, comedians, and others who draw his ire.[0]

DeSantis officially announced his 2024 presidential bid in a Twitter Spaces conversation with Musk, which was marred by technical glitches that caused the feed to crash three times in the first several minutes due to the surge in traffic.[1] DeSantis filed his campaign paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on the same day he signed into law a bill in Florida that allows him to run for president while still serving as the state's governor.[2] The bill also includes sweeping new restrictions on how third-party registration groups operate, drawing criticism from Democrats who say the legislation will negatively affect efforts to enroll more minority voters.[3]

DeSantis' presidential announcement is significant because he immediately becomes the most formidable contender to dethrone former President Donald Trump from atop the Republican Party.[4] However, his entrance into the race sets up a direct confrontation with Trump, who has regained his status as the leader of the modern Republican Party since announcing a third bid for the White House in November.[5] Despite this, DeSantis charges ahead, stating that he is running to lead the country's “Great American Comeback” and promising to address issues such as the border crisis, crime, and the federal government's impact on families' financial situation.[6]

Musk's control over Twitter has given him significant power to shape the political discourse in the country, and his partnership with conservative figures like DeSantis has raised concerns among some users. While Musk has promised to promote free speech on the platform, his actions suggest that he is enabling and amplifying voices that promote hate and divisiveness. As the 2024 presidential race heats up, the role of social media platforms like Twitter in shaping the political landscape will become increasingly important, and Musk's control over the platform will continue to be a point of contention for many.

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