Elderly Man Killed and Woman Critically Injured in Horrific Dog Attack in San Antonio, Texas

On Friday afternoon in San Antonio, Texas, a horrific dog attack resulted in the death of an elderly man and a critically injured woman.[0] Fire Chief Charles Hood described the scene as “horrific for the people who experienced it and horrific for our firefighters that were part of this.”[1] The attack occurred when the elderly couple stepped out of their vehicle and at least two of the canines breached a gate on the property where they were kept and attacked.

The dogs involved in the attack were American Staffordshire Terriers and they were taken in by San Antonio Animal Care Services.[0] The shelter confirmed that all of them will be put to sleep Friday night.[2] It was revealed that the same dogs were involved in a “previous bite” incident in 2021 for which they were briefly impounded, but then eventually returned to their owners.

At around 2 p.m., the couple had just left a car after visiting relatives when two dogs broke out of the gate where they were confined and suddenly attacked, according to the city's report. Hood reported that the man received a blood transfusion at the scene and was subsequently rushed to a hospital, where he passed away.[3] The female patient was admitted to the hospital in a life-threatening state.[3] At a news conference on Friday, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood reported that two people had been bitten– one on the hand, and the other, a city fire department captain, on the leg.[4] It is anticipated that they will both recu[4]

Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, was arrested by the SAPD Covert Unit, and is facing a felony charge of attack by dangerous dog causes death and a felony charge of injury to an elderly.[5] The city released a statement indicating that the three dogs involved in the attack or which were off the property at the time will be put down.[6]

Two of the dogs have had two documented cases of biting, one in January 2021 and the other in September 2021. The dogs' injuries were determined to be either moderate or mild, and they successfully passed the State mandated quarantine before being returned to their owners.

Sims reported that the animals had been involved in an occurrence in 2021 that caused minor bites. The owner stated that, after the dogs had finished their quarantine, they were returned and reclaim fees were paid. A victim and witness did not file an affidavit, so the dangerous dog designation could not be pursued, according to him.[7]

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