Dr. Joseph Dituri Breaks World Record for Longest Time Living Underwater at Ambient Pressure

Dr. Joseph Dituri, a diving explorer and medical researcher, has broken the world record for the longest time spent living underwater at ambient pressure. He has now been living underwater for over 74 days and aims to complete 100 days. Dituri has achieved the record for living the longest under normal atmospheric pressure. He shared this news through a tweet on his Twitter account, stating, “I have broken the world record for living underwater today.” The curiosity for discovery has led me here.”

Saturday was Dituri's 74th day living at Jules' Undersea Lodge, breaking the previous world record of 73 days set by two other professors in 2014.[0] Dituri plans to make it to 100 days underwater and is on track to set a new record for the longest underwater human habitation at ambient pressure.

Dr. Dituri, who is more commonly referred to as Dr.[1] Deep Sea is pioneering innovative medical and marine science research from his underwater lodge situated 30 feet beneath the surface in Key Largo.[1] He is currently in the midst of his 100-day undersea mission and has already spent 69 days underwater. His upcoming achievement will be setting a new record for the longest human habitation at ambient pressure below the surface.

“My goal from day one has been to inspire generations to come, interview scientists who study life undersea and learn how the human body functions in extreme environments,” said Dituri.[2] “I’m humbled that my curiosity for discovery has led me here.[0] My goal is to inspire — not only for generations to come — but for scientists around the globe who study life undersea and how the human body functions when in extreme environments.”

Dituri continues to teach his students online while also studying how the human body reacts to long-term exposure to pressure from an underwater habitat at Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo.[2] He has been studying how the human body reacts to living under extreme pressure for long periods of time.[0] And he's not just learning about himself — he's also still teaching his biomedical engineering class online, according to the University of South Florida (USF).[0]

While Dituri loves living under the ocean, there is one thing he really misses, “The thing that I miss the most about being on the surface is literally the sun,” Dituri said.[3] “The sun has been a major factor in my life – I usually go to the gym at five and then I come back out and watch the sunrise.”

Dituri’s undersea residence isn’t over, however.[4] Completing an underwater mission known as Project Neptune 100, he has decided not to resurface until he completes a hundred days in the habitat on June 9.[3] Organized by the Marine Resources Development Foundation, which is the owner of the habitat, the mission encompasses medical and oceanic research, as well as educational outreach.[4]

Dituri expressed appreciation and honor for the small bump in the record that they love, but acknowledges that there is still more science to be done and the journey doesn't end here.[3] “The idea here is to populate the world’s oceans to take care of them by living in them and really treating them well, not necessarily just make another record.”

This project aims to populate and care for the world’s oceans.[3] Furthermore, Dituri opines that his findings could prove beneficial in space exploration, owing to the resemblances in the environments. He is working on a doctorate to continue his hyperbaric research, which he says could also have applications for the space program.

Dituri's 100-day mission began on March 1st when he submerged to live and work in and around the undersea lab at the Marine Resources Development Foundation’s MarineLab facility.[1] After June 9th, his task will be completed, and then a group of medical professionals will conduct extensive medical evaluations to determine the impact of the mission on the human body.[1]

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