Club Q Shooting: Testimonies from Lead Detective & Officer Wallick on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the prosecution's first witness, Officer Connor Wallick of the Colorado Springs Police Department, testified about being one of the first officers to arrive at the scene of the Club Q shooting in November.[0] Wallick said he was near the Citadel Mall when he received a call about a shooting.[1] When he arrived, Wallick noticed a strong smell of gunpowder and heard people screaming and crying.[0] Wallick also testified that Aldrich, the suspect, was bleeding from their head and claimed to have been shot.[2] However, it was later determined that Aldrich had not been shot.[3]

Lead detective Rebecca Joines, from the Colorado Springs Police Department, testified Wednesday that the suspect had been to Club Q at least six times prior to the attack, based on data from the establishment’s ID scanner.[4] Aldrich stated that it was the only LGBTQ club she had been to in recent months.[2] The prosecution displayed pictures of Aldrich wearing a tan bulletproof vest with a handgun attached to its front, entering the club.[5] In their right hand was an AR-style rifle.[5] In a different image, Aldrich is seen aiming his gun towards the area where people are dancing, with a muzzle flash visible.[5]

The defense showed a photo appearing to show Aldrich having a drink at the bar inside the club on Oct. 29, three weeks before the attack.[0] Thomas James and Richard Fierro intervened to put an end to the attack, managing to restrain the suspect.[3] James, who was sitting in the club’s patio area when shooting started, told police he searched for “the hardest thing he could find” before grabbing a metal bucket and confronting the shooter.[5] He used his left hand to grasp the barrel of Aldrich's gun, feeling the heat searing his skin as he attempted to take away the shooter's weapon.[5]

During a search warrant of the suspect's apartment after the shooting, a detective's testimony revealed a sketch of Club Q was discovered.[4] 323 criminal charges have been brought against Aldrich in relation to the shooting, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, assault and offences motivated by bias.[0] Fourth Judicial District Judge Michael McHenry will determine if sufficient evidence is present to back up the charges against Aldrich after the conclusion of the preliminary hearing.[0] The judge had the option of dismissing certain charges or permitting the case to proceed as is.[0]

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